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My name is Kim. I'm 17 years old & from USA Missouri.
My blog is for the people going through heartbreak & relationship problems. I also have quotes & other girly things. (: You can usually tell my mood from what I post. i'm always here to listen, just drop me a message in my ask. I love my followers and I hope you all like my blog. Mmkay, Bye<3
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Everyone Has Strength ; Even If You Forgot It's There. <3

Love is Evol Spelled Backwards

kaziiaaa Asked/Said: I have loads of charms so I'll choose a random one for youu :) Haha It'll be finished in a couple weeks (I'm really busy with school work right now!) I just want to make sure before I make it that youu're okayy with paying £3 (UK) or £5 (International) xx


Yes that’s fine.

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